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Underwater pool repairs


A team of Professionally Regulated Divers can annually survey your pool to keep a look out for any potential problems, health and safety risks and to make sure that your pool is in good working order. 

By carrying out an underwater survey, we can identify health and safety issues such as broken/cracked tiles, inlet and outlet grille conditions, grout condition and possible hazards.

We then forward a full report along with photographic evidence so that you can see for yourself any defects. Not only does this allow you determine the condition of the pool, it also then allows you to budget for the necessary repairs without guessing.

We can also offer a range of repairs that can be carried out by our divers such as: replacing small areas of tiling and grout, the replacement of grills within the pool, this often be carried out overnight so will not interfere with normal operations.


Underwater drilling
Underwater drilling

If any defects are found it may be possible to repair or replace them without draining the pool, our team of divers can replace cracked tiles,remove and re-fit drain/filter covers and re-grout small areas. This can be carried out at times suitable to you, and there would be no need to close the pool, no loss of revenue.

If we feel the cost of any underwater repairs are not cost effective and we recommend the draining of the pool, then we can also provide you with an estimate for carrying out he works conventionally, using our team of tilers.