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Services from Tiling and Pool Projects Limited

Tiling and Pool Projects (UK) Limited offer a range of services including:-

Swimming Pool Grouting

Tiling & Pool offer a full range of grouting services: Full cut out and re-grout with either cementitious or epoxy grout, (more ...)

Pacelite render system

Pacelite is a premixed cement based lining that offers a genuine luxury alternative to ceramic tiles. When applied and (more ...)

Underwater pool repairs

Surveys A team of Professionally Regulated Divers can annually survey your pool to keep a look out for any potential (more ...)

Swimming Pool Repair

We specialise in swimming pool repair works to both private and commercial swimming pools covering the UK and beyond. Swimming (more ...)

Tiling for swimming pools and wet areas

Tiling & Pool Projects offer specialist pool tiling from Mosaics in any colour to standard swimming pool tiles with lane (more ...)

Repairs and Refurbishments

Refurbishment  Tiling and Pool Projects specialise in the re-furbishment of swimming pools. We have carried out numerous (more ...)

Other Specialist Services

We can provide a range of other services such as: Replacement Channel Grating, Inlet/Outlet Grills. Pool repair service. (more ...)