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Repairs and Refurbishments


Tiling and Pool Projects specialise in the re-furbishment of swimming pools. We have carried out numerous contracts for both Local Authorities and the Private Sector.

We carry out re-tiling and re-grouting, expansion joint replacement and crack repairs.

Crack Repairs in Shell of Pool

Example of a refurbished pool
Example of a refurbished pool

A pool repair, where possible, will be carried out at your convenience and as quickly as possible.

We will expose crack by diamond cutting and removing the defective areas including the tiles, marbline, render or screed.

Once identified we use specialist materials and rapid setting materials in order to cut the down time of the repair and pool operation.

As you can see from the images below, we get asked many times to carry out various repairs and refurbishment that need a specialist company like ourselves to complete.

Any repairs are carried out to the highest standard and where possible are matched as close as we can to the existing surfaces.  

Examples of the type of repairs we carry out