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A recent private new swimming pool finished in the Pacelite blue render lining system. The client concerned wanted a seamless finish to her pool rather than the conventional tiled finish.

After numerous discussions and site requirements, she decided on Pacelite as she had seen it on previous contracts and liked the overall effect when finished.

Beginning the Pacelite Process

This contract was carried out for a private residential new home being built in Ireland.

The pool was rendered ready for the new finish to be applied. Aquamarine blue was chosen.

Continuing The Pacelite Process

floor being applied
floor being applied

The walls were completed first, then onto the base. Before the pacelite is put on, we brush apply an SBR bonding coat as the contract proceeds.

Finished Pool Lining

finished pool after wet spinning/polishing
finished pool after wet spinning/polishing

Once the pacelite has been applied, our specialist team bring the new surface to a clean finish, which concludes with wet spinning/polishing.

Once this has been carried out, the pool is ready for filling.