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Other Specialist Services

We can provide a range of other services such as:
Replacement Channel Grating, Inlet/Outlet Grills.
Pool repair service.
Made to measure Stainless Steel Steps and Handrails supplied and fitted.
Manhole Covers supplied and fitted.

Acid Washing of your pool to remove dirt and fatty deposits.

Plant Room Services

Channel Grating Inlet/Outlet grills


New Channel grating can be supplied and fitted, using High Density Polyethylene grade 500.

This is machined from solid sheets and cut to correct sizes.

It can be ordered in white, dark blue and other colours to suit your surrounding.

The material can also be made for outlet and inlet grilles, steps, partitions and blanks etc

Stainless Steel Handrails

Stainless steel Handrails
Stainless steel Handrails

We offer made to measure stainless steel items such as specialist handrails, barriers, gates along with other specfic requirements you may need.

New pool-side drainage channels can be made to measure along with grilles for use in pool and the surrounding areas.

We fix the handrails using only stainless steel screws and bolts. 

Completed Man hole Cover

We have found that pool-side manhole covers and frames become rusted and are heavy to lift and open, therefore we offer new  manhole covers and frames made from HDP.

We diamond cut, then remove the existing frames and covers, then supply and install new frames and covers made from HDP. This is therefore more staff friendly and means that access can be easily achieved to the areas below.

It commes in different colours and with a set of lifting keys.

Acid washing

Acid washing
Acid washing

We offer the facility to carry out acid washes to the pool or surround.

This is a good way of removing body fats and staining etc. Before we carry out any grouting works we always acid wash, ensuring a clean tile surface to work to.

The difference an acid wash can make within a swiiming pool is superb.