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Swimming Pool Grouting

Tiling & Pool offer a full range of grouting services:

Full cut out and re-grout with either cementitious or epoxy grout, professionally applied.

Full skim re-grout to replace low levels or missing areas of grout Within tile joints.


Example of Mosaic Tiling
Example of Mosaic Tiling

We offer the options of a full cut, which involves cutting out and removing each individual grout line between each tile ensuring the new depth is constant or dependent on budget offer a skimming process, where we acid wash, then apply a new grout on top of the existing grout ensuring any low areas are filled.

We are fully experienced using all materials and can offer Full Epoxy, Modified Epoxy and Cementatious Grouts

Tiling looks so much better once it is grouted
Tiling looks so much better once it is grouted

During the process we will acid wash your pool, which not only helps with the grouting but can also visibly improve the appearance of your pool by removing dirt and fatty deposits from all tiled surfaces.

As you can see from the picture opposite, there is a real difference when a new grout is applied compared to the existing grout. More examples can be seen on our pool repair page